Personal data policy

1. Handling personal data

Icebug AB (556545-2611) is a data controller and handles personal data for the purpose of managing orders and enquiries, adapting its offers and messages, communicating information and offers, and analysing data for improved offers and to give Icebug a better insight into how its products and services are used. The data controller is responsible for all handling of personal data being in accordance with the legislation in force.

2. How we protect your data

Icebug cares about your integrity and always protects your personal data with the technical and organisational measures required in each case and ensures that the handling is in accordance with the legislation in force.

3. What type of personal data do we handle?

- Name, address, telephone number, email address

- Communication between you and Icebug

- Order information, e.g. purchaser and recipient

- Username

- Traffic information supplied by your web browser, such as web browser version, language, address of the page you came from and other traffic information such as IP address

- Clicking behaviours such as which links you click on and when

4. How long do we save your data?

Icebug saves your data as long as we need to for reporting purposes, taking into consideration that we want to be able to maintain a good customer experience and answer questions about previous interactions. We also take into consideration legal requirements for retaining certain information for a long period, for example regarding financial traceability. We may therefore keep your personal data for a reasonable period after your most recent interaction with us. When the data no longer serves the purpose of the handling, it will be deleted or anonymised.

5. Your rights

We want to be transparent about the way we handle your data, and if you would like more information about how we handle your personal data, you have the right to request access to your data, which we will provide in the form of a so-called register extract. If we receive a request for access, we may ask for further details to ensure we are giving the right information to the right person. You always have a right to request that your personal data be corrected if the details are incorrect. Within the scope of the given purpose, you also have the right to complete any personal data that may be incomplete. You also have the right to request that the personal data we hold about you be deleted (see below with regard to cases when we cannot fulfil your request). Your request must be in writing and signed and contain information on name, email address and address.

Send your request for a register extract, information or correction of incorrect data to: Icebug AB, Fabriksstråket 35, 433 76 Jonsered, Sweden.

We cannot delete information when there is a legal requirement to store it, such as accounting rules. Nor can we delete data when there are legitimate reasons for the data to be saved, for example with regard to unpaid debts.

6. Subcontractors

Icebug AB is responsible for the handling of your personal data complying with the applicable laws on handling personal data. Icebug AB may use subcontractors (‘personal data processors’) to handle your personal data for the above purposes. Icebug AB may, for example, use personal data processors to handle data storage on external servers, for web shop systems, IT and customer support, to conduct customer analyses and to analyse the user experience and use of the service. Personal data processors will have similar responsibilities to those of the data controller regarding the handling of your personal data.

Geographically, our personal data processors may be inside or outside the EU/EES, and your personal data may therefore be shared and transferred within and outside the EU/EES, which means that your personal data can be transferred to geographic areas where there may be less protection for your personal data. Icebug primarily uses processors that meet an adequate protection level through the Privacy Shield Framework or a signed Data Protection Agreement.

7. Cookies

We use cookies on our webpages. A cookie is a small text file that the website you visit requests to save on your computer. It allows us to see how the website is used and to adapt the website for your use. Cookies cannot access, read or in any way change any other data on your computer.

Most web browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you want to, you can block all cookies or only those from specific websites.

8. Contact details

For more information about personal data handling or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Icebug AB

Fabriksstråket 35



+46 (0)31-81 70 90

8. Updating the integrity policy

Icebug makes regular changes to this policy. A new version will come into force when it becomes available on this website.